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Explore Glen Rose, Texas

Explore Glen Rose Texas

Come and explore all that Glen Rose has to offer. We are the “Dinosaur Capital” of Texas and the “Bluegrass Capital of Texas.” There are so many things to see and do here that you just might have to make a long trip or several trips. You will be welcomed with open arms any time you come and visit us. When it comes to dinosaurs, you definitely need to visit Dinosaur Valley State Park.

Not only is it a beautiful State Park with rivers, hiking, carriage rides, camping, and events, but it also has actual dinosaur footprints of two different dinosaurs that lived in the area. Right next to the Park is Dinosaur World, with over 150 life-sized dinosaurs to wander through and see just how big these creatures were. Just down the road is the Creation Evidence Museum and it has a 25-foot replica of Noah’s Ark, an actual working replica of the Gutenberg Press, Dinosaur prints, Native American and Israeli artifacts, and a biosphere. Somervell County is also home to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

It was ranked #2 in the nation as the best Wildlife Safari Park. You can drive through or take a guided tour. You can also stay there in the Lodge or the Safari Camp. Our Historic downtown area has over thirty buildings on the National Historic Registry. Glen Rose is a small town with quaint charm. Our unique shops and restaurants are Mom and Pop establishments that you don’t want to miss.

There are antique shops, boutiques, old fashioned soda shops, and so much more that make our Courthouse Square a great place to spend time. Our 36-hole golf course is ranked among the top ten in the State of Texas. It is time to come and Join us Now!