Franklin & Nantahala North Carolina


Nestled in the southern Appalachian Mountains, in the foothills of The Great Smoky Mountains, lie the communities of Franklin and Nantahala. We are an area rich in outdoor adventure opportunities as well as fantastic local shopping, dining, and museums. Franklin and Nantahala are home to some of the oldest mountains in world. Tucked away in those mountains are two very popular hiking trails: The Appalachian Trail and the Bartram Trail. If you want to get out and see the mountains but don’t want to hike, a scenic drive up to Wayah Bald will put you at nearly one-mile high elevation and there’s a paved path that leads you to a nearly 360 degree view in all directions. Franklin and Nantahala are towns born from gem mining and agriculture, which has evolved over the years, transforming us into outdoor adventure towns, inviting people of all ages to set out into the mountains and valleys of what was once known as the “Gem Capitol of the World”. With ten active gem mines, you can still sit down with a bucket of dirt and sift for precious gems and minerals that are still abundant to this day. The area is best known for beautiful waterfalls, scenic views, and hundreds of miles of rivers, streams, lakes, and our rich history. Enjoy the pristine waters of Nantahala Lake, test your skills paddling the whitewater of the Nantahala River, or cast a line in any one of our world class fishing rivers. Whether you’re looking for outdoor experience or to simply disconnect from the hustle of everyday life, the Franklin and Nantahala area is a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. We invite you to get to know your mountain side in Nature’s Paradise!