Travel Smart. Save Time and Money.

  • Travel Smart. Save Time and Money.

Easterwood prides itself on convenience and ease of use for the passenger.   Prices are kept low and more accessible vs. traveling and flying out of a commercial airport directly in surrounding cities. Here are some thoughts for you to consider before booking your next trip.

Security Check – Unlike larger airports where you may find yourself standing in line for security for up to 45 minutes, at Easterwood, the average time to be checked in is ten minutes. That’s nearly a 20%+ reduction rate in time spent at security so you can do more of what you love instead of waiting in long lines. In addition, wherever you’re connecting flight is; you no longer have to go through another security checkpoint. It’s a win/win for you.


The Cost – Using our cost calculator tool, you now have the ability to visually see what your savings really are by flying out of Easterwood vs. using a larger commercial entity. It’s a unique and proprietary tool specifically designed to inform what your cost is flying out of your own backyard.


  • We Are People Connecting People.

Whether talking to a café representative, an airline or car rental representative, or even security we are here to serve you and your best interest. We want to connect with you on a personal level. We challenge ourselves every day to enhance your experience so that you can acquire what you need, to go where you need faster and with less effort.   Every interaction between you and airport representatives matters and we take it seriously.

College Station is growing and at a much faster pace than ever before. So, the next time you are planning your trip, and you’re looking for ways to cut down on cost and time, consider flying Easterwood. It may just be the convenience you’ve been looking for.