Marion, Virginia | Celebrating America’s Hometown Heroes

Honor. Respect. Patriotism. Too often, those words are tossed aroundjust clichés or campaign slogans. But in the small Virginia mountain town of Marion, these words mean something.

Since The Overmountain Men marched to Williamsburg in 1775 to join Patrick Henry in the American Revolutionary War, Marion and surrounding Smyth County has had native sons, and later daughters, serve in our nation’s military. 

This year, as we commemorate the 75th anniversary of World War II and the 100th of World War I, there will be many programs, parades, celebrations all across the country. But none like you’ll find in Marion, Virginia.

Maybe it’s the active members of the local VFW Post 4667. Maybe it’s the family connections to those named on the obelisks and monuments lining the quaint courthouse lawn. Or maybe it’s in the hearts of her citizens who truly keep their promise to the gold star families to “Never Forget”.   But for many reasons, US Senator Tim Kaine called Marion “One of the most patriotic towns in America”. It is something to see for yourself.

Visit Marion Memorial Day Weekend. You’ll meet VFW members, volunteers, even the Town Mayor as they pitch in to build a display to honor lost veterans. White crosses, emblazoned with a name and branch of service and topped with a crisp American flag marks yet another soldier, sailor, airman, Marine. The display of over 1,200 markers surround the permanent war memorials on the Smyth County Courthouse Lawn, now stretching to nearby churchyards and the grounds at Town Hall. Day and night, the solemn display draws visitors looking for lost loved ones, thinking of those who’ve given their all for our country. Memorial Day Monday brings a Grand Parade along Main Street, then a community cookout and program at the VFW Post.

Flag Day. Rolling Thunder visits. Independence Day. “Spirit of ‘45” Day honoring our surviving WWII vets each August. Patriot Day. Veteran’s Day. Time and time again, this tiny town comes together to remember her heroes, to pay their respects, to show true, unabashed patriotism. 

Come feel the soft breezes that wave those flags, hear the marching band and cheers as the red, white and blue floats ease down Main Street, see the faces reflecting generations of those who serve. Do it in a small townOUR small town Marion, Virginia. We come together this year to remember, there’s no finer place.

Honor. Respect. Patriotism. In “One of America’s Most Patriotic Towns”. In Marion, Virginia.