Tampa Bay’s top-notch craft beer scene

Life is good for craft beer drinkers in Tampa Bay, and it’s only getting better. Consistently ranked among the top brewing scenes in America, the hip, urban heart of Florida’s west coast has become a go-to destination for craft beer. And what better way to enjoy some craft beer than making a day of it? So, I got a group of friends together to take over the Brew Bus to see what’s on tap. Yes, Tampa Bay’s beer scene is vibrant enough to support a business that shuttles thirsty beer fans from brewery to brewery. What other place can say that? All aboard! It’s time to see what all the brew-haha is about.

Exploration begins
Our trip begins with a stop at the tasting room for Tampa Bay’s best-known craft brewer, Cigar City Brewing. Imagine strolling into a walk-in humidor with a surf shop vibe—and awesome beer, too! Cigar City’s numerous awards and rankings prove its popularity.

A short drive away sits Angry Chair Brewing.  The tap room has a rustic industrial feel with exposed ventilation, custom steel chairs and a ceiling assembled with much of the 1941 building’s original wood. Leave your troubles at the door.

On the edge of  Ybor City, the historic Latin quarter, Coppertail Brewing has gotten a lot of people talking in a short period of time. The two-floor tasting room is expansive and inviting, with enormous, fanciful murals that tell the story of the mythical sea creature that gave the brewery its name. 

Strong impressions

Clearly, the locals have got magic on tap. What a place for a beer lover to take over! For those who want a tasty sip, Tampa Bay’s beer scene is worth the trip.

Hop on the Brew Bus and discover Tampa’s craft brew scene.