Gilchrist, FL

The “Springs Capital of the World” invites you to explore our 55-Mile Gilchrist Blueway Trail which has an accumulation of 43 unique, natural springs; perfect for paddling, swimming, tubing, snorkeling, diving, camping, observing wildlife or just plain relaxing. Fishing more your style, the Santa Fe & historic Suwannee River offer a wide variety of catches such as bass, catfish and sunfish. The Suwannee River is “Home of the Jumping Sturgeon”. The Suwannee is considered one of the last “wild” rivers in Florida. There are no man-made structures or dams on the river and sturgeon have access to the entire river. Many of our springs runs flows into the Santa Fe River which has numerous lime rock ledges, sandy bottom and native eelgrass waving in the current and is home to a high diversity of freshwater turtles, the Suwannee Cooter which are most often observed basking on logs. In addition, caves and conduits are common in the basin (much to the delight of cave divers!) As you journey along the Santa Fe and majestic Suwannee River the crystal clear 72-degree Fahrenheit springs lures you to descent into Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park, Ginnie Springs, Ellie Ray’s, Hart Springs and Otter Springs. Grab a mask/snorkel and be astonished with schools of gar, bream, mullet and bass shimmering through the majestic waters.  Many of our parks offer rentals of canoes, kayaks, paddleboards and tubes. For the land lover, we offer scenic trails in a natural setting for a wide array of nature-related activities. Whether you enjoy tent camping or prefer an RV, our Natural Escapes are part of the all-family oriented recreation you can enjoy in the “Springs Capital of the World”. Add to all this, the warmth of our Southern Hospitality, and you’ll have the perfect haven to escape the everyday hustle and bustle!

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