Got to Be NC Seafood

For years, tourists have traveled to the coast of North Carolina to take advantage of the delectable North Carolina seafood products that are available. North Carolina’s relatively warm ocean waters, strong tidal currents and proximity to rivers and creeks create the ideal environment for producing high-quality shrimp, fish, crabs, oysters, clams, etc..

Despite the availability of fresh, locally-caught seafood, many vendors are relying on imported seafood products. These imports can cause a hardship on hard working fishing families and communities along North Carolina’s coastal areas.

Fortunately, the North Carolina Department of Agriculture recognizes the importance of fresh local seafood. The agency shows off the state’s seafood industry at events, tradeshows, and online via it’s Got to Be NC Seafood program. Visit to find out where to buy local seafood.

Also check out several local coastal catch groups located along the coast.



Ask for locally caught or sourced North Carolina Seafood products from retailers and restaurants, and be sure to look for the local catch group logo or the Got to Be NC Seafood logo.

—John M. Aydlett, Seafood Marketing Specialist

North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Marketing Division