You may know us from our rich racing history that begins with The Rock, but we are much more than that. We are a community of natural riches, with pristine forests, unspoiled rivers, and fertile farmland. We are the perfect entrance to North Carolina’s Central Park and the perfect escape for people who want to experience the great outdoors. Our preserved prehistoric Indian mound and woodlands are untouched since the days of discovery. A culture of family farms is alive and well in the numerous farms, peach orchards, and the vineyard. Richmond County is a very different place from a more traditional time, where we respect the lands and waters and the friends and families we call neighbors. From the railroad history in Hamlet to the fruit stands in Ellerbe and Norman, from the game lands around Hoffman to the historic courthouse town of Rockingham, Richmond County provides an authentic experience of true southern charm. 

Outdoor Adventures

Find your Getaway from the everyday. Children from all over the region flock to Discovery Place Kids to laugh and learn. Sportsmen retreat here to hunt the lush longleaf pine woodlands of the Sand Hills, get a unique wing-shooting experience at a nationally known hunting plantation, or even complete in field trials and sporting clays. Adventures come to our scenic rivers and roads for canoeing, hiking, running, and biking experiences that are second to none. 

Find Your Getaway from the everyday.

In Richmond County, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a break. We are proud to live in a place that allows us to take a vacation every day. Whether it is an outdoor adventure, Agri-tourism, culture, history, or motorsports, we have it! We invite you to be our guest, experience our warmth and see what it means when we say, find your getaway by visiting



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