For centuries, visitors have traveled to Camden, South Carolina in search of what they love. Consider Agnes of Glasgow*. More than 230 years ago, she secretly boarded a Charles Towne-bound ship from Scotland intent on finding her betrothed, Lieutenant Angus McPherson, who was serving the British during the American Revolution. From the coast, she wandered up through the inland wilderness for days, determined to find her love. She discovered Camden.

Today, we believe you will find what you love here, too. Whether its history and heritage, antiques and boutiques, or artisans and eateries, there is something for everyone to enjoy – every day.

We welcome you to Discover Camden. We believe you will be sufficiently captivated by what we have to offer that you will come to find what you love, too.  And, you just might fall in love with the quality of life we have here and decide to make Camden your home.

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*The legend is that, born in Glasgow, Scotland, Agnes followed her lover, Lt. Angus McPherson, who was a British Army officer, to America during the American Revolution. She stowed away on a ship bound from England to America, arriving in Charleston, South Carolina. Believing his unit was assigned near Camden, in Kershaw County, and having heard that he may have been wounded, she wandered through towns and the wilderness hoping to make contact with him or someone who knew him. However, she became ill and died before she could find him. She was buried under cover of darkness by Catawba Indian Chief, King Hagler, who befriended her.


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