Welcome to the heart of South Georgia where charm meets nature’s most gorgeous views. While much of the nation prepares for stifling temperatures and storms, Valdosta is home to an endless mix of #VeryValdosta amenities and ‘Remarkable’ is the standard.

Soar through the air for a head rush at Wild Adventure’s Theme Park, one of the largest parks in the Southeast U.S. Pet and feed animals, both native and exotic to the area, and see an array of species stationed all over the grounds. Cooldown at Splash Island Waterpark after crossing a gator-filled pen at Discovery Outpost.

For thrill-seekers, the Valdosta Wake Compound is a 56-acre full-cable obstacle course. An easy 30-minute lesson has the most inexperienced water lovers swooshing around the lake.

For a more relaxing experience, the 115-mile Withlacoochee River has cypress, river birch, oaks, and pines in one of the few undammed and undeveloped blackwater rivers in the country. Paddle on, friends!

Meander through wetlands and swamp at the 18,000-acre Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area. Bring binoculars to view birds, wildlife, and maybe even alligators!

Food is not just a meal in Valdosta. It’s a sweet, savory, “Holy moly, I can’t believe how good this is” extravaganza. Valdosta is home to hundreds of mouth-watering options. While the specialty is authentic Southern cooking and BBQ, the variety available means nobody leaves town with less than a stuffed belly.

But don’t just feed the body. Feed the soul. See a show at Peach State Summer Theatre or Dosta Playhouse, stroll through the 17,000 sq. ft. Annette Howell Turner Center for the Arts or shop the abundant art and craft boutiques all over town.

The city’s crown jewel, The Crescent at Valdosta Garden Center, is an 1898 Neoclassical structure perfect for photo ops, filming, and events. Absorb a piece of history with tours of this and dozens of other historic homes and monuments.

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