Discover DeSoto

High-rise condos? Crowded shopping districts? Expensive show tickets? Waiting in long lines to eat? Nope. None of that. DeSoto County is the exact opposite of what so many visitors to Florida experience.  In DeSoto County, we’re 100% natural. For visitors that means a rejuvenating experience that is refreshingly carefree. The land is unspoiled and our pace is unhurried. You can watch birds soar and fly through the trees or just relax to the sounds of rippling water. But, don’t let our easy-going ways fool you… There’s a TON of fun to be found all around from airboat rides to kayaking and canoeing down the Peace River. Like to fish? Fishing here includes both fresh water and salt water options. Is hunting for fossils more your thing? No problem. Our fossil hunters can typically find teeth from mastodons and mammoths. How about visiting a working orange grove? You’ll taste Florida’s freshest orange juice and amazing soft serve ice cream too. Old Florida at its best. From rodeos, to county fairs and festivals, DeSoto County offers a fresh wholesome lifestyle quite different from large urban centers. You can also explore nature trails or spend the day shopping for antiques in our antique district in Arcadia’s downtown. DeSoto County. Experiencing Florida the way nature made it. Plan your trip today,